Writing a letter of complaint to hmrc

In February, we revealed how individuals were being bombarded with incorrect tax codes. Advertisement Share or comment on this article: For three years, the year-old has been employed full as an electrician at a garage, and works for a supermarket at the weekend. Madman was one hour late for his appointment and offered nothing by way of apology when he arrived at noon.

I would welcome the opportunity to discuss matters further and to learn of how you propose to prevent a similar situation from recurring. Would you please make the appropriate adjustments and send me your revised calculation for my consideration.

HMRC says it has received 13, appeals so far. Many have earned the same amount, or had the same jobs for several years. Thousands of complaints fobbed off with standard letter after HMRC tax blunder. Mr Cooper, from Kettering, Northants, says: But in this case, we have learnt that all complaints about demands for underpayment are being dealt with by one centre for calls and one for letters.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Want an answer from HMRC? Better off writing a letter than using the phone, say accountants

I just cannot afford to pay this money. I am therefore requesting that under the provisions of ESC A19 that the whole of the underpayment as shown on the P should be remitted.

Would you please confirm that you have done so and that I need to take no further action.

Thousands of complaints fobbed off with standard letter after HMRC tax blunder

Mike Warburton, from accountants Grant Thornton, says: Send any other information you think is relevant. I was unaware that my tax affairs were not in order.

Complain about HMRC

The latest tax bungles mark the end of a disastrous year for HMRC. I believe that the underpayment has arisen because you failed to take action upon relevant information already in your possession for the year[s] in question. For example, if you travelled 5, business miles and were reimbursed 30p per mile, you can claim tax relief on an extra 10p per mile].

Every year, he has received a P60 stating his income and tax. What they reasonably believe is very different to what an ordinary person would reasonably believe. Instead, rejection letters simply send taxpayers to the main HMRC website. We ended our meeting after 25 minutes without either of us having accomplished anything.

The year-old retired teacher has had the same income since when he began working for a theme park. I look forward to hearing from you. I have made [Gift Aid payments, personal pension payments] which reduce the claw back of age allowances of which you have taken no account.

I was visited by a representative of That Awful Company, Mr. A typical case is that of Stephen Lynes from Blackpool. Madman, at my home on that day. This is so those dealing with requests for concession on tax bills are all dealt with in a standard way.

I trust this is not the way That Awful Company wishes to conduct business with valued customers—I have been with you since the company was founded and have never encountered such treatment before.

A spokesman for HMRC says: I have tried to understand the reasons for the underpayment but have been unable to do so.The HMRC Complaint System is a slow process since you first have to lodge a complaint, then if dissatisfied -seek a review of their decision, before lodging a complaint with the Adjudicator.

The Adjudicator's office only has a small number of employees and a complaint we finally lodged with the Adjudicator took over 18 months before we had a. Standard letters for you to use – / There are two pro-forma letters below on which you may base your letter to HMRC.

The basic text of these letters is in red. Instruction and sections you need to change are in blue. You should fill in details of your own address, tax office and circumstances. It will help if you keep a copy of the letter.

If you write a letter, put ‘complaint’ on the envelope and at the top of the letter. If part or all of your complaint is due to discrimination, make that clear at the outset. This should ensure that your letter is passed directly to HMRC's complaints section.

HMRC also offer an online form for making a complaint.

How to complain about poor service or delays from HMRC

There are different online forms depending on. The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales found HMRC’s service was so poor that it was better to enquire in a letter than make a phone call.


How to complain about HMRC

Making a complaint. Dear Sir [Your own name] [Your NI no] [Any other HMRC reference shown on the P] I have received your tax calculation for [quote that which applies to you - /09, /10 or '/09 and /10'].

The calculation suggests that I have underpaid tax for [quote the year or years]. If HMRC has rejected your appeal, you can appeal again.

Send any other information you think is relevant. If it rejects you twice you can go to the Adjudicator's Office. This can investigate complaints about HMRC relating to mistakes, unreasonable delays, poor or misleading advice, inappropriate staff behaviour and use of discretion.

Writing a letter of complaint to hmrc
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