What is marriage by evan wolfson

While it is especially outrageous that the opponents of equality are using constitutions as the vehicles for this division and wave of attacks on American families, in the longer arc, their discrimination will not stand.

After graduation he served in the Peace Corps in Togoin western Africa. The Human Rights Battlefield of Marriage You see, marriage has always been a human What is marriage by evan wolfson battleground on which our nation has grappled with larger questions about what kind of country we are going to be — questions about the proper boundary between the individual and the government; questions about the equality of men and women; questions about the separation of church and state; questions about who gets to make important personal choices of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Evan Wolfson

But when it comes to constitutional principles such as equal protection — and, it now appears, even basic American safeguards such as checks-and-balances, the courts, and even federalism — anti-gay forces believe there should be a "gay exception" to the constitutions, to fairness, and to respect for families.

What moves that middle? In every state — even those where we cannot win the present battle, but fight so as to lose forward — we have the opportunity to enlist more support, build more coalitions, and make it possible for more candidates and non-gay opinion-leaders to move toward fairness.

Work in Michigan — while perhaps not enough to win this round — can still help enlist prominent labor or corporate leaders to our cause. They have more of a head-start, more money and more infrastructure through their mega-churches and right-wing partners In fact, we are not the first to have to challenge discrimination even in marriage.

In part, because victory is within reach. Work on the ground in Georgia, for example, can get us a Bob Barr speaking out against the constitutional amendment, or make districts safe for African-American leaders or "surprising" voices to speak out in support of marriage equality.

The scope of a federal right is, of course, a federal question, but that does not means its content is not to be determined by state, rather than federal law To appeal to the better angels of their nature, we owe it to these friends, neighbors, and fellow citizens to help them understand the question of marriage equality through two truths: America has had to make changes before to end discrimination and unfair treatment, and government should not be denying any American equality under the law.

We ended the rules whereby the government, not couples, decided whether they should remain together when their marriages had failed or become abusive. Wins Trump Losses Lesson number one — Wins Trump Losses While we stand to lose several battles this year, we must remember that wins trump losses.

Wins trump losses because each state that ends marriage discrimination gives fair-minded Americans the opportunity to see and absorb the reality of families helped and no one hurt when the exclusion of same-sex couples from marriage ends. A three-justice plurality applying the wrong standard of review—one that was undeservedly, hopelessly, and self-fulfillingly deferential—was joined by two justices in a fiery anti-gay concurrence, making up the margin of defeat.

Why Marriage Matters

Patchwork As in any period of civil rights struggle, transformation will not come overnight. Is America indeed to be a nation that respects the separation of church and state, where government does not take sides on religious differences, but rather respects religious freedom while assuring equality under the law, or a land governed by one religious ideology imposed on all?

Freedom To Marry

Once the discussion has a human story, face, and voice, fair-minded people are ready to see through a second frame: Younger people overwhelmingly support ending this discrimination. And if we see every state, every methodology, every battle, every victory, and even every defeat as part of a campaign — and if we continue to enlist non-gay allies and voices in this campaign, transforming it into a truly organic movement for equality in the grand American tradition: There, he wrote a Supreme Court amicus brief that helped win a nationwide ban on race discrimination in jury selection Batson v.

And the very next year, activists pressed the legislature to enact a partnership law far broader than had been on the table in California before then.Aug 23,  · Evan Wolfson is a executive director freedom to marry.

He is heartened that gay marriage has been in the news daily because more people talking about the issue/5(14). What Is Marriage By Evan Wolfson Anna English November 9, Marriage and Individuals “No matter what language people speak-from Arabic to Yiddish, from Chinook to Chinese- marriage is what we use to describe a specific relationship of love and dedication to another person” (Wolfson 90).

by Evan Wolfson In a time when people are protected by law from any form of injustice, where segregation on any grounds be it race, gender or religion is not tolerated to even the slightest degree, the author brings to light a surprising case.

Marriage Equality and Some Lessons for the Scary Work of Winning America in a Civil Rights Moment One of the good things about my job is I have plenty of time on planes and trains in which to read.

Why Marriage Matters America, Equality, and Gay People's Right to Marry. In the early days of the marriage movement, Evan Wolfson published Why Marriage Matters: America, Equality, and Gay People's Right to Marry, providing a compelling and clear discussion of a question at the forefront of our national consciousness.

Evan Wolfson’s greatest hope for the Supreme Court’s upcoming marriage equality ruling is that it will put him out of a job. Wolfson has been fighting for nationwide legalization of same-sex marriage since the early s, most recently as the president of Freedom to Marry, a wildly successful campaign.

What is marriage by evan wolfson
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