The tai khampti

Their jewelry consists of bright amber earrings, coral, beaded necklaces and gold ornaments. The procession is accompanied by drums, dances and enjoyment. One needs mastery to read and speak the language perfectly.

In accordance with the ancient Tai calendar, however, the festival was also celebrated from November last. Kaa Kingnara Kingnari is a prominent dance among the Tai Khamti.

The Khamti also have firearms which resemble old flint muskets and horse pistols. The chiefs occupy the highest positions, followed by the priests, who wield considerable influence over all ranks.

The first printed book was published in It is a Buddhist belief in nature which depict the slow and gracious dance of mythical half-human and half-peacock that existed in the Himalayas. There are festivals other than The tai khampti celebrated throughout the year.

The Tai Khamptis are good craftsmen, enterprising traders, expert agriculturists and practice martial arts Soung and Koboj which earlier helped them resist the British army. During the celebration the locals make homemade sweet and distribute them.

This dancing of Ka-Toe is a Buddhist belief and religious in nature. It is widely spoken and used by the members in North-East India. It will give ample opportunity for everyone to come together and rejoice this change.

This Tai-Khampti script had since been reformed in by committee of Tai scholars assisted by philological experts with a view the standardize the script by removing the inherent deficiencies in the script. The initiative and the foundation of the festival laid by the TKDS will help the Tai Khampti people, especially the youths, to propel themselves towards a modern, vibrant and developed society - a society that will be at par with any developed society of the world.

Their staple food is rice, usually supplemented by vegetables, meat and fish. Those who escaped enslavement by the Burmese settled in their present location in the fertile triangle of northern Myanmar, between the Mali and Nmai rivers. Their language is related to Shan, but after centuries of geographical separation Khamti has developed its own characteristics.

The Tai Khampti. By: Chau Khouk Manpoong

To check these harmful bad habits which are easy to acquire but difficult to avoid, the initiative of the TKDS to organize the Poi Pee Mau to promote the Tai Khampti culture and tradition and thereby bring awareness and revolution among the Tai Khampti people, especially the younger generations, for all round development is appreciable.

The alphabet aah is used as both consonant and vowel. It usually takes place in November or December.

Khamti language

The Khamti men usually tattoo their bodies. Christianity Few Khamti have any awareness of the Son of God who died that they may have eternal life. The festival aimed at promoting the hidden paradise of India.

Submit update Identity More than 80, Khamti people live in the area where the three countries of Myanmar, India and China meet.

The launching of The tai khampti website on the maiden Poy Pee Mau by the Governor will bring all the Tais closer, give them exposure to the world and foster universal brotherhood. The festival also serves as an ideal platform for showcasing the splendour of the region with respect to its culture, practices, crafts and arts, and can effectively attempt to change the stereotypical notions about the district and the region as a whole.

Peoples of the Buddhist world: This ancient script has, however, been in meticulous use for last years. An embroidered band, the fringed and tasseled ends of which hang down behind, encircles the roll.

Due to the almost complete lack of ethnographic material available in Myanmar, most of what is known about the Khamti comes from India. This holy bath of is an auspicious event. Every festive occasion or celebration of the Tai Khamptis revolves around the principles and teachings of Lord Buddha.

In the consonants the letter ga, gha, jha, da,dha, ba, bha, ra are wanting. No doubt, this inherent system of speaking and writing of the language, at times, makes intended meaning ambiguous.

They have their own script, called Lik-Tai, which resembles the script used by the Mon in southern Myanmar. It is believed that by shaping ivory handles of weapons they will evince great skill. The Khamti are settled agriculturists. The celebration takes place for three consecutive days. The script is traditionally taught in monasteries on subjects like tripitaka, Jataka tales, code of conduct, doctrines and philosophy, history, law codes, astrology and palmistry etc.The Tai-Khampti languages is a living language.

It is widely spoken and used by the members in North-East India.

Khamti people

It is taught in schools, Buddhist Monasteries, Adult Education Center, it is also widely spoken in Maung Khampti Loung of Patao region and Swong shoup and Singkaling areas in Burma. Poi Pee Mau Tai Khampti festival is one such way to showcase the cultural specialties of the community.

It represents the cultural ethos, providing sustenance to it and ultimately promotes tourism and provides continuity to customs, tradition and culture. They have their own script, called Lik-Tai, which resembles the script used by the Mon in southern Myanmar.

Due to the almost complete lack of ethnographic material available in Myanmar, most of what is known about the Khamti comes from India. Khamti language (Khamti: လိꩱ့်တဲးၵမ်းတီႈ (Khamti written), Khamti: Khampti Shan, Khandi Shan, Kam Ti, Tai Kam Ti, Tai-Khamti, Kamti, Hkampti Shan, and Khampti Sam.

History. The language seems to have. The Tai Moungkang is a same ethic group like the others Tai race, Migrated from Shan State (Moung- Sangling), Burma by 17 Century.


This ethic group follow the same practices language, script, religion, Custom etc. Khamti is a Southwestern Tai language spoken in Myanmar and India by the Khamti people.

It is a Daic language, specifically Kadai, Kam-Tai, Tai, Southwestern, Northwest branch. The language seems to have originated around Mogoung in Upper ultimedescente.comr: ~,

The tai khampti
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