Squash ball physics coursework

Do not expect to find your coursework experiment written down by someone else in a book. The kinetic energy of a squash ball just before it hits the ground is directly proportional to the height from which it is dropped. The friendliest, high quality science and math community on the planet!

If the ball was travelling towards the side wall when it hit the opponent, or if it had already hit the side wall and was travelling directly to the front wall, it is usually a let.

How To Choose The Correct Squash Ball

Do warmer molecules behave more elastically? The molecules of rubber which the ball consists of may become more flexible when heated, and therefore give the ball a little extra elasticity, thus giving more Elastic Energy at stage 3ii in my diagram.

Squash balls heat up over the course of a game. Yes as long as you both do the work and as long as you both write up a separate account at the end. We then held the ball so the bottom of it aligned with the height we were planning to drop it from. I believe this is because a soft surface absorbs a lot more energy from the ball, thus giving the ball less energy to bounce back with.

When the water reaches 10oC, take the ball out of the water and dry it. Another potential cause for error is that I might heat the water too fast, and as the thermometer would only record the temperature of the water, the ball may not have got to that temperature yet.

Squash Balls - Explained

Unlike in other ball sports such as tennis, where there is no discernible difference from the ball used by a beginner of one used by Roger Federer, in squash the different coloured balls whether totally different in colour or just using different coloured dots are designed to bounce differently and behave differently in certain conditions.

Their results will show that the higher temperature rubber balls bounce higher. Different Surfaces Balls bounce different heights off of different surfaces. If my hypothesis was correct, the graph should look like the sketch above.

Please help explain behaviour of squash balls

People who are good at squash have to adjust their playing as a game progresses and the ball heats up! I heated the balls using a water bath ranging from 0 degres centigrade to 80 degrees centigrade.

Squash provides an excellent cardiovascular workout. The dimensions of this entire surface is Squash Court Length: Do squash balls bounce higher when they are heated Racketball allows for the entire back court from feet to feet to be used as a service return area; this makes returning serves much more challenging in racketball than squash.

Because of the subjectivity in interpreting the nature and magnitude of interference, the awarding or withholding of lets and strokes is often controversial.Furthermore, in order to obtain readings for the hot squash ball, the ball was simply rolled on a bench several times to generate some heat.

Justification: To achieve the most accurate result possible, it is important to investigate a ball that bounces constantly. Dunlop Double Yellow Dot squash ball is the official ball of the World Squash Federation (WSF), Professional Squash Association (PSA), and Women's International Squash Players Association (WISPA).

We always have Dunlop double yellow dot squash balls in stock! - Bouncing Ball Experiment A squash ball is a hollow ball made of rubber, with air inside. Before starting a game of squash, most players will "warm up" the ball by knocking it around the court. This raises the temperature of the ball and increases the "bounciness".

- Gravity Experiment My physics coursework is an experiment with gravity. Bouncing balls: Physics coursework Plan: It has been observed that squash players seem to warm there ball up before a game, and it seems to affect the bounce.

Variables There are several factors which will effect the bounce of the ball, They are: * The height that the ball is dropped from. Apr 18,  · Physics coursework! help!? Im trying to look at what happens regarding momentum and energy when two balls collide.

Squash Balls

I had a squash ball going down a ramp, which collided with another squash ball of a slightly different mass, which was stationary at the bottom of the ultimedescente.com: Resolved. Introduction For my physics coursework, I have been asked to investigate the factors which affect the way in which a squash ball will bounce.

I looked into a few different factors, including; Heat of the ball, landing surface of the ball, and in depth: the height from which the ball is dropped. To observe how the.

Squash ball physics coursework
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