Screenwriting agents accepting submissions

Jeffery McGraw August Agency. You can either send a stamped, self-addressed envelope and a dollar to the WGA at W 3rd Street, Los Angeles, CAor you can go to their website and get it for free. Responds in 2 weeks to queries; 3 weeks to manuscripts.

So, you need an agent. Her other interests include horses and natural horsemanship training. For now, what I really want you to understand is this: If no one buys your screenplay, your agent will try to get it set up somewhere on an option deal.

Even if you are a good negotiator, the person negotiating needs to be able to say things that upset the producer without getting the producer mad at you. Submit synopsis, first 50 pages for romance. There are agents at ICM Partners.

If interested, this agent will request more pages. Responds in weeks to queries; 3 months to manuscripts. All of our staff members have strong writing and entertainment backgrounds, making us sympathetic to the needs of our clients.

In the book business, someone who represents books is called a "literary agent" whether the books are literary or not.

Email Over 400 Screenplay Agents and Over 650 Producers and Sell Your Script

The best way, of course, is to get recommended by someone who knows her personally, or whose name she recognizes. We are sorry but we do not accept screenplays except from our existing clients. Prince of Darkness — Richard Perle: We personally read everything that is submitted to the agency and represent authors based all over the world.

Now you can write her a query letter that starts with, "Joe Thalberg at Wahoo Productions suggested I contact you.

Adam Chromy Artists and Artisans, W. Responds in 3 weeks to queries; 6 weeks to manuscripts. Agents are allowed to charge for photocopies and postage, but nothing else.

Accepts e-mail queries, simultaneous submissions.

Submission Guidelines

Responds in 2 months to queries. Someone who runs seminars is probably making most of his money giving seminars. Offers written contract Evatopia, S. Do your homework and thoroughly revise your manuscript. However, these agencies tend not to be the hottest and most powerful agencies, so you may as well send query letters to everyone.

You want your agent to be the bad cop, so you can be the good cop. Do not send more unless requested. Then you can revise.

Responds in weeks to queries. Snail mail queries preferred, but you can submit a query on the Web site as well.

Literary Agents for Screenwriters

For Non-fiction Submissions Non-fiction titles are often sold on proposal, so your book does not need to be complete at the time of submission to the agency. You should find all information concerning submissions on this page, but if you have any questions please email info madeleinemilburn.

Ferrari-Adler was with Sobel Weber Associates. Rachelle Gardner Wordserve Literary, S. He is actively seeking new clients.

I feel this umbilical cord to what I do, whether on the phone or e-mail, and it starts really early in the morning. Why Choose Our Agency? Seeking new and established writers. For All Submissions Please email your submissions, addressed to a specific agent, to: I have literary and talent agents in my rolodex.

For more information about that, see my online FAQ. You will receive a response to verify that your query was received.Submission Guidelines. We are very excited to see new work.

We consider work from everyone, and every year we take new clients based on their unsolicited submissions, including clients with no prior credits, recommendations or other kudos. submission guidelines, uk literary agent accepting submissions, literary agents looking for new writers, uk literary agents literary fiction, find an agent.

What agents do and don't do, and why you need one. CRAFTY SCREENWRITING Writing Movies That Get Made Agents Unless you know a bankable director or star, the best person to put your script in the hands of someone who can buy it is an agent.

A literary agent is someone who represents you, and takes 10% of whatever you make. 20 Hollywood Literary Management Companies You Must Know About. Industrial Scripts. August 8, 20 Hollywood Literary Management Companies You Must Know About.

Overall Score. Reader Rating: Industrial Scripts is now one of the world’s leading screenwriting companies, backed by major entertainment companies and with over We can send your script to over Screenplay Agents and over Producers and Production Companies.

All at the click of a button! Literary Agents for Screenwriters: Listed below are just some of the literary agencies who represent writers for Film & Television. You may also be interested in our list of Literary Managers. But getting an agent is not as simple as calling up, sending an email or even mailing your script.

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Screenwriting agents accepting submissions
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