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The knowledge and understanding of these provide managers the information needed to identify opportunities in the business environment and the necessary resources to take advantage of these Strategic Intent Mastering Strategic Management- Tim Hannagan pg13 Long term corporate sustainability through competitive advantage Porter claimed inthat a company can outperform rivals only if it can establish a difference that it can preserve.

As a guideline manager can utilise the three conditions suggested by Prahalad and Hamel to determine core competencies.

Search our thousands of essays: Essay UK - http: His leadership style and entrepreneur skill has proved an asset to the firm, which other organisations are unable to replicate. The development of competencies begins with the strategic intent of becoming a front-runner in the market by leveraging the organisations key resources.

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Most successful organisations often find it difficult to sustain the qualities and skills which brought them their success to begin with. The company provides a powerful portfolio Sainsbury s core competence beverages to its customers Sainsbury s core competence consumers.

Below, I will outline the interrelationship between core competencies and the definition of a corporation itself. Because of the increasing commodity prices and rampant unemployment, it is expected that the demand for products produced by Sainsbury will go down; this will reduce its rate of production.

Thereby, in order to be sustainable, core competencies should be flexible and change according to change in the organisational environment Kachru, An example might be Coca Cola: Miller also suggested that the reason organisations fall from their competitive advantage can be found in this decline which he termed as the Icarus Paradox Rao, Rao and Sivaramakrishna, The aim here is to provide managers with the necessary tools to undertake practical decisions which affect the performance of the corporation.

The resource based view states clearly that this approach is inaccurate. I will illustrate my understanding of the concept by drawing on examples of different organisations. Similarly, Sainsbury web-based food delivery service has been growing. Core skills and qualities which are prioritised in times where they are no longer competitively relevant can also act as a weakness.

There was an obvious need to radically change the concept of business management within this area. This can be applied to management when successful organisations fail because, they ignore their core competencies and become too satisfied with their success.

The case of Nokia can be cited here; Nokia had achieved early success because of their mobile phones and back in the s, they had competitive advantage and dominated the mobile phone industry; but then the company became so obsessed with the details that they lost track of market realities that when Apple emerged with the concept of the iPhone, customer preferences changed and by the time Nokia caught up with the smartphone trend, it was too late.

By no means will this change our understanding of the corporation. In order to prevent your strengths from becoming weaknesses in the future, it is important that managers understand the organisation, and fully assess its strategic intent.

Customers are increasing demanding tasty, fresh, safe, and healthy foods, and Sainsbury aims to improve customer satisfaction and fulfill the above demands so that they can win customer loyalty. The danger here is, if the people depart, so too, the competencies.

Further, if the company does not take into considerations the livelihoods of surrounding neighborhoods, it would result in tremendous lawsuits against the business. A primary example is that of Prahalad and Hamel.

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Managers should concentrate on integrating skills throughout all aspects of the corporation. In order to be successful as an organisation and sustain its core competencies, it is important to show some focus in building a core competency which will be used to guide all strategic visions, along with its management primacies.

Through internet technology, customers are able customise components of the personal computer to suit their needs and process orders online via the Dell website. This strategy has proven effective since, the supermarket sector is now dominated by Tesco.

The core competency should generate inimitability which is unique to the organization. As a result, this rejuvenated the business.

In regards to the current economic slowdown, high unemployment rates, and inflating food prices, these are the leading factors affecting the growth of Sainsbury.

The innovative organisation should encourage staff to use their initiative and offer rewards for their creativity. Many successful organisations which get too confident with controlling their industry or their own exceptional core competencies, develop a strength which eventually leads to a fall.

This is because, each business unit operated independently from the corporation, with the risk of losing its corporate image. Maintain simplicity; efficiency and simplicity in service delivery offered by the company IV.

This results in gaining a competitive edge. This includes carbonated drinks, bottled water and packaged juices. Apple seizes opportunities in the marketplace to simulate growth by leveraging its system of employees, customers, supplies, partners and global networks.

Organisations are constantly determined to find means to manage and sustain their competitive advantage Agha, Alrubairee and Jamhour, The corporation must be capable in creating activities catered to the building and maintaining of resources.Research Sainsbury's and our values - these are core to the business and only someone who shows they are aligned to these will be successful at interview.

Really focus on customer and colleague these are the two pillars to the Sainsbury's business.

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SAINSBURY’S I. DISCUSSION QUESTIONS, CASE INTRODUCTION AND KEY POINTS Introduction After operating in the shadow of Sainsbury for the vast majority of the 20 th century, Tesco broke free in the mid’s and grew to become the UK’s dominant general merchandising retail market share leader.

“A core competence is an area of specialized expertise that is the result of harmonising complex streams of technology and work activity” (C K Prahalad).

A company’s core competences are the things that they can do better than their competitors. Sainsbury Core Competence. Identify L’Occitane’s core reference to resource based view, explain how the competence was created.

1. Respect for the Environment L’Occitane invested heavily in developing products that contain rich natural ingredients with traceable origins. the strategic capability, including resources and competence, of the company that are most likely to impact on strategy development Core Competence Superior performance, according to Johnson and Scholes (), has to be determined by the way in which company's resources are deployed to create competence in the organisational activities.5/5(8).

Core competence Core competencies are the most significance value of creating skills within your corporation and key areas of expertise which are distinctive to your .

Sainsbury s core competence
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