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She was almost raped. Under Revision Sept Rated: Right now, his concern was Riley. Although little does she know, there is already a pair of unlikely heroes ready to recuse her—one being her crush, Josh Matthews.

What can we help you with? She knew that the Matthews would be called in the next day to deal with it, and her father was probably trying to keep her from being kicked out of another school just because she was trying to make it easier for girls to be able to detect date rape drugs.

So far, she felt as if someone cursed her to make every second feel like a minute and every minute feel like an hour.

Rucas a girl meets world fanfic

Riley, you and Lucas should go into another room so this conversation can be private," the officer said. He heard Riley take a shaky breath, and his main concern was comforting her.

Not too long afterwards the brunette ran down and slid into the room. Lucas x Farkle Rated: What if Professor Henderson insisted he come in.

Lucas moved next to Riley, and Professor Henderson took a step closer to the couple. He knew he would treat her like the princess she always dreamt of being. Riley laughed, she knew him too well.

Riley and Lucas end up pregnant. Fury was the only person outside of the Matthews Family who knew that Riley was his daughter. Me and Riley are handling it.

Lucas instantly stopped and pulled his own pants down. She smiled when she saw Fury and gave the man a quick hug before walking over to Tony and sitting down next to him. He went and sat by Riley, and she sat her head on his shoulder, content to just sit in silence as they waited for the sirens.

Riley had always believed in Lucas ever since he fell into her lap onto the subway. He knew he would protect her at all cost. What does a group of eight friends have in common?

Lucas pushed Riley gently up against the wooden door and continued to kiss her with such hunger and thirst for her. Your review has been posted. It feels so incomplete, but I had been working on this on and off for a while.

He would know that voice anywhere. Riley gave it all back kissing him with the same passion as she had always done.

What challenges will they find along the way. Within seconds, Lucas came across a dumpster.During Summer Break of High School, Lucas decides to bring Riley and the gang along to his hometown Austin, Texas. What do you think will happen within a couple weeks in Texas???

Read this story and you'll find out!!! | This book is inspired by the three-part episode, Girl Meets ultimedescente.coms: FanFiction | unleash TV Shows Girl Meets World.

Follow/Fav Small Bump-Rucas. By: alwaysrucas. MULTI FIC. Riley and Lucas end up pregnant. What challenges will they find along the way. a/n WELCOME WELCOME TO MY RUCAS PREGNANCY STORY.


Girl Meets World One-Shots

A/N: This is my first GMW fanfic. This is a Rucas fic, so no negative comments on the ship please. If you aren't a fan of them, you might not be a fan of this story.

Read Rucas Fanfic Week - Day 8 // AU from the story Girl Meets World One-Shots by Princess-Pluto (Stephanie Trinidad) with reads. lucasfriar, rucas, joshua.

Rucas in their date.

Girl Meets World One Shots

Riley was blushing when she saw Lucas. Riley said Lucas was her first crush. Lucas was distracted at Riley in her apartment. Read part 32 from the story Rucas a girl meets world fanfic by x_Miill_x (@X_Mill_X) with 1, reads.

liley, willovehurt, rucas. Maya:So Riley Wait r u crying.

Rucas girl meets world fanfiction
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