Paper puppet

Share it with us in the comments! Tape a craft stick Popsicle stick tongue depressoror an unsharpened pencil on the back of the finished puppet.

Paper Puppet: Pirate

Use the template above if you need to. Here is an illustration of how to assemble the craft.

PreK Early Childhood Paper Bag Puppets Craft Projects

Print the templates using card stock or heavy duty construction paper. Pink and white construction paper sheets of each color for each puppet 2 pipe cleaners your preference of color Scotch tape to hold the pipe cleaners in place 1 pom pom for the nose Googly eyes or a marker to draw the eyes on Directions: Introduce related and new themes: Have you created a fun Easter craft with your kids lately?

You can print the upper and lower case letter on the body of the puppet. Look over that dirty little face, would you? Cover the bag in white construction paper using glue. Introduce or reinforce letter recognition and early handwriting skills.

Either way it is fun.

Bunny Paper Bag Puppet

Cut the pink construction paper for the inner ears, cheeks and belly. Cut out white ears to make the outer ear. He asked for the leprechaun paper bag puppet long after it had been thrown in the trash, so I decided that it was time to make one for Easter.

Cover up the tape using the pink circles for cheeks. Tape them into place. This makes the puppet more comfortable and manageable for the children. Add the white outer ears first using glue, followed by the pink inner ear. The template can be colored and decorated before or after assembly, whichever you or the children prefer.

You can just cut the shapes out with scissors without a template.

Moose Craft | Paper Bag Puppet Preschool Lesson Plan Printable Activities

Includes matching alphabet activities and basic animal facts. My experience has been that many children like to color and decorate after the pieces are glued to the bag.

Moose Paper Bag Puppet Craft 3 pieces. Cut the white construction paper to fit the bag. Review topics for this puppet in the themes column on the left.Jul 06,  · This quick and easy mermaid puppet project wil capture your third grader's imagination. Color in the majestic mermaid, cut out her parts, and attach them together using paper fasteners/5(16).

Paper Bag Frog Puppet

Today we have a fantastic and fun Summer Sun Paper plate craft which I'm sure the kids will love to make at home or in the classroom setting. This is a simple and easy task and encourages fine motor skills, promotes colour recognition and the craft can be used as a puppet. DLTK's Bible Crafts for Kids If I were a Kangaroo Craft.

Contributed by Leanne Guenther. This is a paper bag puppet craft. It has been made especially for the song (it has a. This cool looking printable Santa paper puppet template will keep your kids entertained during Christmas holidays. Making and playing with their own puppets is a wonderful activity for kids, both to make at home or as a project for the classroom.

I'm so excited for Nicole to share this Dr. Seuss craft today. I can't believe she free-handed the Thing 1 and Thing 2 heads to create these amazing puppets. Zebra Paper Bag Puppet. Note from a viewer: "Thought I'd send you this photo of a variation on your Paper Bag Puppets.

Here in Australia the paper bags that we buy in the grocery store are rather 2-dimensional - as in, they don't have the flat bottom that can be used as a flap. Consequently, we have had to adapt the craft a little.

Paper puppet
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