Narco trafficking in the americas

In view of such economic and political realities, Colombian politicians place a higher priority on curbing the drug related violence that plagues their society rather than reducing the amount of drugs processed and shipped to the United States SharpeNarco trafficking in the americas What should the United States drug control strategy be in the future, and how will this affect future U.

The chances for such a transition to become permanent, however, are reduced by a U. The continued prosperity of the Guadalajara drug cartel supports this theory well.

Since the late s, middle-class civilians have begun purchasing these armor kits to protect themselves from kidnapping and general cartel violence.

Large cocaine seizures in Mexico have frequently been attributable to informant provided intelligence rather than high-tech radar tracking systems. The "enemy" cannot be identified on a battlefield by the uniform he wears.

Justice and order in these regions are determined not by due process, but rather by the barrel of a gun. The resources of the military are being employed to support the same historical objectives of U.

Mexican drug control efforts are currently undergoing a transformation that will further reduce U. Despite these low interdiction rates, the Mexican program has significantly reduced the number of suspected drug trafficker flights transiting Mexico. Former President of Mexico Vicente Fox also proposed banning narcocorridos.

The vast size of the drug market has the power to negate all supply-side drug control efforts aimed at reducing the availability of illicit drugs to U.

The remaining thirty percent has been directed at the demand side of the illicit drug equation, supporting treatment programs for addicts and drug abuse prevention programs. Conservative estimates give the figure of 70, for those killed in cartel-related attacks frommilitary intervention having greatly exacerbated this.

Bolivia was decertified by the United States in and for poor cooperation in counterdrug efforts, but responded to the "stick" of decertification with aggressive programs like Operation Snowcap in and Operation Safe Refuge in Such designs are also rather short-lived designs owing to their inherent flaws such as being far too conspicuous, unreliable, and slow.

During the s, some U. Analysis of captured workshops by the military has shown that some vehicles had suspensions modified to take up to 30 tons of weight which allow the vehicles to feature armor of mm thick, which can withstand small arms fire and even 40mm military grenades.

As an example, the April U. Ecuador benefits from duty-free entry into the United States for many of its products under the Generalized System of Preferences. These intricate relationships between drug traffickers, campesinos, armed revolutionaries, and the central government in Lima make drug control in Peru an extremely complex undertaking.

A series of highly publicized events in Mexico led to this change.

Los Zetas Cartel

A brief chronology of major discoveries - Colombian Navy begins to detect modified speedboats and semi-submersibles. Vehicles modified with these kits are also not blatantly cartel-related, save for all of the firearms inside, meaning they cannot be seized without serious proof of criminal intent.

The Mexicanization of drug control efforts, if it continues under the new Mexican administration to take office inwill have the effect of further eroding U.Mexico's most popular resort areas had long avoided the deadly violence much of the country has seen in recent years, but that trend appears to be reversing.

In one of the country’s most violent states, healthcare was severely limited until Médecins Sans Frontières stepped in to offer treatment – as long as weapons are left outside. Municipal police stand guard on the beach in front of the Blue Parrot club, a day after a deadly early-morning shooting there, in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, January 17, But though some things never change, the halcyon era which Mr Santiago so wistfully speaks of is long gone.

It's now almost 50 years since Wayne and his cronies sold out of The Flamingo. The fallout of Camarena's murder — and the unraveling of Gallardo's cartel — continues to be felt in Mexico to this day, influencing law enforcement, politics and how modern cartels operate. More information about Ecuador is available on the Ecuador Page and from other Department of State publications and other sources listed at the end of this fact sheet.


Drugs trade

The United States established diplomatic relations with Ecuador in following its withdrawal from its federation with Colombia.

Narco trafficking in the americas
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