Marketing strategy adopted by micromax mobile

Last year Micromax became the top seller in India leaving Samsung and Nokia behind. They opened outlets and service centers more aggressively than any other mobile company even beating Nokia. New launching is promoted via YouTube which currently has subscribers.

Tie ups with local distributors for easy availability helped to tap the customers who did not visit the popular stores. General characteristic of pull strategy is advertising in its many formsword of mouth, which all boils down to creating a buzz about the product, in the market.

Though they are still importing mobiles from Chinese, everything is Chinese from Hardware to Software, but since they are registered in India, its an Indian company.

Every quarter they bring a new handset, only competitor in terms of launching handset is Samsung. They have product for all categories and for all type. The rural population which chose features at lower cost over brand value, turned out to be a good start for micromax.

Through this they become a household name in all cities and quickly made its own identity. Engaging with its fans made them trustworthy.

I wanted to study on the same but could not due to some reason. By placing the product in popular stores like Croma, The mobile store, Reliance Digital etc. This entailed them with a market of their own. This helped them penetrate the market deeper into the urban markets.

It was a questions. During our thesis one of my batch-mates was working on Celebrity and its impact of brand image. Advertising plays a very big role in this strategy.

Push strategy is widely used in creating demand for new mobile phones. So they know where and why they are putting that much amount.

They were fully dependent of Open source Android. Pokemon all these rely on advertising, or the buzz created through TV or by the movie, which again creates demand.Micromax Micromax is an Indian Consumer Electronics company located in Gurgaon, Haryana, India.

Micromax is a challenger brand in the highly competitive mobile handset market. This Indian firm is shaking up the market dominated by MNCs. The SWOT analysis of Micromax proves that the brand is here to stay and that it will give tough competition to the likes of Samsung and even Apple. Micromax was one of the first phones in the market to concentrate on penetrating the smartphone market.

Samsung was the clear leader when Micromax. Study of Marketing Strategies adopted by Micromax Mobiles. 8 Social Media Marketing Micromax is quite active on Social Networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. commercials and news are posted on both sites. the current Facebook page of Micromax Mobiles boasting of more than fans talks about the Micromax „Fly to Brazil.

A case study on Micromax’s Mobile Marketing Strategies – How did it Become Big in Indian Market

Samsung & Micromax -comparative Marketing analysis of Mobile handset industry 1. An Industry Project Report On “A Study of Indian Mobile Handset Industry” In partial fulfilment of Integrated Master of Business Administration By Rahul Kumar CUJ//IMBA/27 (VIth Semester) Centre for Business Administration Central University of Jharkhand, Ranchi Submitted to: Centre for Business.

Marketing Strategies Marketing strategy is the plan of an organization to market its product. A good marketing strategy enables the organization to get the best marketing results and help it sustain its marketing advantage by using limited amount of resource.

The Marketing mix of Micromax proves why Micromax has grown by leaps and bounds in India. Micromax Mobile was founded in by Rajesh Agarwaand who used to work as a computer hardware distributor. Rajesh was joined by three more Indians called Rahul Sharma, Sumit Arora and Vikas Jain in as co-founders.

Marketing strategy adopted by micromax mobile
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