Mahindra summer project in marketing

He then proposed an idea to build canals and dam like structures that would obstruct melted water from natural Himalayan glaciers from flowing away during summers.

A Commerce graduate from the St.

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He is also the owner of Actuent Web Consulting, a web services company. To his name, Maiya has 7 patents for his innovations in financial sector. He used all his passion, experience and engineering skills to create canals for diverting river and stream water to a well shaded catchment area.

One thing we have learnt for sure is that - No matter how many hurdles come your way but you cannot afford to lose focus. It is a process by which a car will regenerate electrical power and recharge its batteries each time the car slows down, or when brakes are applied.

Being neither from IIT or IIM, it was difficult to work out each and everything from money to resources, without any support from an institution. Chewang kick started the first artificial glacier project in a tiny village called Phutse. Laptop batteries typically consist of 6 to 8 cylindrical lithium-ion Li-ion cells.

His voice box had already been removed. How can a throat cancer patient who has lost his voice box speak then? Do you prescribe medicines? Later, after filling for patents, I re-approached them. Inhe started consulting for fin-tech leader Progreso Financiero now Oportun Inc and became part of the founding management team where he headed customer acquisition.

This is when I got inspired to innovate a low cost and affordable, "Made in India" hybrid technology for all the car users. Currently, he is working with the brightest mind in the crypto space. How did you manage to raise all the money to start this venture?

Creation of Glaciers The idea of a manmade glacier first struck Mr.

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Ladakh is, therefore, facing rising problems in fetching drinking water over the last few years. The battery then releases the energy to the electric motor, helping propel the vehicle whenever the driver accelerates on electric power.

So is it in Ladakh, one of the most scenic regions in the Himalayas. I aspire to be top notch in my profession Professional experience: It then instructs the vocal cords to vibrate and intercept sounds.

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Mahindra summer project in marketing
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