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Distribution Strategy and Demand Management The best demand management for. Kuiper will need to increase its production of Radio Frequency Identification and Electronic Control Units, or outsource part if not all the production to fill present and future contracts. As it is a proven fact that balance between capacity and demand leads to generation of high profits and satisfied customers.

Aside from the monetary benefits that a company gains when outsourcing, it also allows a company to focus on other business issues. Kuiper Leda has sensed out its flaws and is working towards its betterment. Not having sufficient inventory can result in lost sales and costly, time-consuming back orders.

Due to the strong background in technology Kuiper Leda has been able to advance in to the international market. However, with the acquisition of the new contract, Kuiper Leda will need to improve the supply chain if the company wants to remain competitive and gain new business.

Problem Solution: Kuiper Leda

By deciding to outsource, Kuiper gained the following advantages to help them Kuiper leda essay the increased demand: This caused problems in the manufacturing and quality of the products. Would it be easier to outsource most of their products and take a loss if the products are poor quality and manufactured incorrectly?

It is always the ability to forecast the customer demand well as it would be most beneficial in making Kuiper profitable and building strong reputation even with suppliers as a trustworthy and reliable partner.

The problem which the company is facing has erupted mainly because of the increase in the customer base. As Kuiper has several product lines it has to manage its various types of inventory well and should be analyzed at all four levels which are management, regional, divisional and plant level.

Six Sigma involves four concepts- critical to quality, defect, process capability, and stable operations: LTD was able to find the root of the problem, which happened to be communication.

Another issue that Kuiper Leda is facing is if they will be able to get the products to their customers on time.

Situation Analysis Issue and Opportunity Identification Up front it appears that the problem Kuiper Leda is facing is caused by an opportunity to grow and take on more and larger customers, but further analysis demonstrates a poor or lack of an effective inventory, supply management, and production plan.

It was not enough for Kuiper Leda to implement the changes, the company needed toensure the changes was accurate and the products were quality. It helps to ensure that proper material and genuine products are all time available to customers.

Kuiper Leda Supply Chain Introduction

Parts vendors want to maintain volume with Kuiper Leda, but Kuiper needs to decrease the supply stream to reduce overhead cost. Inventory levels affected Kuiper Leda in each of the following operations: The purpose of Six Sigma is to ensure Kuiper Leda is meeting the requirements established by the company as a whole with the help of LTD.

Utilizing the JIT concept is also very important for Kuiper as it would be able to determine how materials should be processes and moved in order to arrive in time for the subsequent function. LTD was able build a system for inventory using the Just in Time approach.

Managing inventory in the supply chain is critical to ensure high customer service levels. As in both situations problems of bottlenecks and holding costs are likely to trigger. Kuiper Leda needs to find and implement a plan in which they will be able to deliver the requested products to their customers in the requested time.

More Essay Examples on Business Rubric Kuiper to maintain its benchmark and its position among the clientele and competitors has to be more responsive towards the increasing demands so that the plant or the suppliers are not affected much.

Kuiper Leda, Inc Gap analysis

Over production and under stock production has to be avoided at every level. Another method that Kuiper Leda could use to be in good standing with their customers is to set up some type of ordering system.

It is up Kuiper Leda to decide what method they should implement and fits their needs. This practice not only allows the company to flow better but it allows the company to remain a top competitor in its industry. Planning and controlling capacity is an important factor and for that not only the operation management but functional managers should also be involved.

Six Sigma has also allowed Kuiper Led to implement quality checks. One of the issues that needs to be addressed immediately is the raw materials inventory. Some of the benefits for Kuiper in using the MRP include the following: In addition to the above benefits, Kuiper did not have to accrue an additional expense in acquiring new technology or purchasing additional equipment to produce the additional ECUs since the decisions and obligations relating to production are transferred to the external company.

In order to meet its goals and attract new customers an effective supply chain strategy and proficient operations have been established. The company has been working with smaller companies and even though they are smaller than most of their competitors, they have been known for delivering on time and producing quality products.

Kuiper Leda had problems with inventory levels; however, the company hired a consulting agency to assist the company with this.Kuiper Leda This Case Study Kuiper Leda and other 64,+ term papers, college essay examples and free essays are available now on ultimedescente.com Autor: review • June 8, • Case Study • Words (4 Pages) • Views.

This paper will also attempt to discuss metrics that Kuiper Leda can use to measure the performance of its SCM. Kuiper Leda Supply Chain Defense Kuiper Leda is a small electronics components manufacturer that specializes in Electronic Control Units (ECU) and sensors for the automotive industry.

Kuiper Leda Supply Chain Introduction Kuiper Leda is an electronics components manufacturer. The company has received an offer to manufactureElectronic Control Units (ECU) and 35, Radio Frequency Identification Device tags (RFID) from Midlands Motors.

Kuiper Leda, Inc. is an electronic components manufacturer that specializes in the production of Electronic Control Units (ECUs) and sensors for the automotive industry.

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In addition, Kuiper Leda has recently begun to manufacture Radio Frequency Identification Devices (RFIDs).5/5(2).

Kuiper Leda has two choices to venture into the process to manufacture the work orders.

The first choice is to manufacture in-house the two Read Full Essay Now5/5(2). Essays & Papers Kuiper Leda, Inc Gap analysis - Paper Example Kuiper Leda, Inc Gap analysis Gap analysis is a very effective tool in reaching the benchmark the company or any organization wants to attain - Kuiper Leda, Inc Gap analysis introduction.

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