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Although Genzyme argues that cash is needed for future investments, a share buyback would be more beneficial to raise prices of remaining shares of stock.

Why do you think Genzyme has diversified into other areas of medicine? Biotechnology companies take a long time to generate cash flow, which was pointed out by Termeer.

Genzyme was being run as a laboratory and not a business. The disadvantages to this is that Genzyme does risk losing focus on its core competencies i.

The financial and business choices made by Termeer have positioned Genzyme to plateau in its own generation of revenue. These, in the eyes of Whitworth, were the two areas that led to successful companies, but were the most fragile to approach with a targeted firm.

The Act allows better protection than a patent and gives Genzyme 7 years to develop more drugs and Genzyme summary essay. Newly acquisitioned companies should remain under Genzyme but under the watchful eyes of the board. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this?

Genzyme is a biotechnology company that specializes in finding orphan drugs, which specifically cure enzyme deficiency conditions. Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues.

Incentives should be based on profitability of their work, not on their revenue generation.

Its existing competencies were supported by the diversification and stick to its decision to stay independent. When looking to change a board, Whitworth either requests a seat on the board or starts a proxy fight.

When looking for companies to purchase the main outlook of executives was each companies revenue, not profitability. The executives of the company are awarded bonuses based on their revenue generation and not on their profitability.

Recommendations The first recommendation is to change the route of the capital allocation of Genzyme. Also, the Orphan Drug Act provides 7 years of market exclusivity which virtually eliminates competition for Genzyme for at least a while.

The company aimed to avoid blockbuster drugs and focus on the treatment of genetic disorders. The company also chose in this goal to not give out any dividends to shareholders. However, in the pharmaceutical industry, orphan drugs can also mean smaller clinical trials, approvals take shorter time, lesser need for focus on large scale marketing and the freedom to have a more direct sales force, allowing the biotech firm to be more focused on its core competencies.

Once Whitworth invested into a company his main targets were management and board compensation.

Genzyme Case Study

All of these recommendations are based on the text with outside research on definitions. This causes the board of the company to be made up of other scientists, like Termeer. By starting a proxy fight other shareholders apply pressure to the board to make changes.Genzyme Case Study Essay Sample.

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After an examination of. Ducati Essay. Genzyme. Corporation Dikshant 14P Minerva 14P Goyam 14P Genzyme had only enough enzyme to treat only patients/ year capping Ceredase revenues at $ million/year Low product awareness among the patients and physicians educating about the product. Documents Similar To Genzyme Corporation Case.

Genzyme Case Study Essay Sample

Genzyme Summary Essay ENT – SUMMARY + REFLECTION Case study: Genzyme, schilling, chapter 6 page Summary of the case: Genzyme was founded inSanofi purchased the company in Genzyme is a biotechnology company with a leading role in the world’s treatment for Orphan and neglected diseases.

At the moment its Senior VP, Mr.

Geragthy faces a time for decisions. Genzyme Csr Dilemma Essay Essay on CSR Speaker Notes. Table of Contents Executive Summary 1 Introduction 2 Company History and Overview 3 Vision.

Genzyme summary essay
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