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The epics of Homerdating from the early to middle Iron ageand the great Indian epics of a slightly later period, have more evidence of deliberate literary authorship, surviving like the older myths through oral tradition for long periods before being written down.

It is easy to see how all academic fields have roots in literature. In ancient India, literature originated from stories that were originally orally transmitted.

The inevitable reaction was the explosion of Romanticism in the later Essays in greek history and literature century which reclaimed the imaginative and fantastical bias of old romances and folk-literature and asserted the primacy of individual experience and emotion.

The importance of the ancient Greek religion lies not in their almost blind devotion to the gods, but in the major contribution to modern literature of the Greek mythology.

Well, it was the belief of the ancient Greeks that their gods were involved in every aspect of daily human life, that they watched over all that was going on and at times stuck their noses in — sometimes to help a beloved devotee, other times to seek revenge on a human who has ignored them, and sometimes just for their own amusement.

It did contain at least one feature of poetry left-justified linesbut the style of writing precludes the detection of certain other identifying features. There are many types of literary criticism and each can be used to critique a piece in a different way or critique a different aspect of a piece.

Studying and analyzing literature becomes very important in terms of learning about our[ who? However, these areas have become extremely large, and often have a primarily utilitarian purpose: The separation of "mainstream" and "genre" forms including journalism continued to blur during the period up to our own times.

Given the diversity of the field, awards are typically limited in scope, usually on: From there people were able to study literature, improve on ideas, further our knowledge, and academic fields such as the medical field or trades could be started. Eventually everything was written down, from things like home remedies and cures for illness, or how to build shelter to traditions and religious practices.

Scientific works of AristotleCopernicusand Newton still exhibit great value, but since the science in them has largely become outdated, they no longer serve for scientific instruction. Classical Greek genres included philosophy, poetryhistoriography, comedies and dramas.

Egyptian hieroglyphs with cartouches for the name " Ramesses II ", from the Luxor TempleNew Kingdom The history of literature follows closely the development of civilization.

Ancient Chinese literature had a heavy emphasis on historiography, with often very detailed court records. Athena, goddess of wisdom; the twins Apollo god of light and music and Artemis goddess of the hunt ; and Dionysus, the god of wine.

The Vedas are among the oldest sacred texts. They offer some of the oldest prose writings in existence; novels and prose stories earned the names " fiction " to distinguish them from factual writing or nonfictionwhich writers historically have crafted in prose. Lyric poetry as opposed to epic poetry was often the speciality of courts and aristocratic circles, particularly in East Asia where songs were collected by the Chinese aristocracy as poems, the most notable being the Shijing or Book of Songs.

Devices are specific constructions within the narrative that make it effective. Roman civil law as codified in the Corpus Juris Civilis during the reign of Justinian I of the Byzantine Empire has a reputation as significant literature.

Genres related to the essay may include the memoir and the epistle. The Greeks believed that every tree had its wood nymph and ever river had its river god. The Samhitas vedic collections date to roughly — BCE, and the "circum-Vedic" texts, as well as the redaction of the Samhitas, date to c.

But there were also many minor gods and goddesses, nature gods, and of course the many heroes that are involved in Greek mythology, Hercules being perhaps the most famous of these. Natural science[ edit ] As advances and specialization have made new scientific research inaccessible to most audiences, the "literary" nature of science writing has become less pronounced over the last two centuries.

As a result, the writing in these fields often lacks a literary quality, although it often and in its better moments has that quality. Thompson expanded documentary reporting into strong subjective statements after the second World Warand post-modern critics have disparaged the idea of objective realism in general.

These stories of gods and goddesses interacting with mortals are still familiar, and still enjoyed, by humans worldwide, thousands of years after they were written and told merely as simple tales to explain the unexplainable in life.

Please improve it by verifying the claims made and adding inline citations. April Learn how and when to remove this template message Different historical periods are reflected in literature. Why are there seasons? Plato and Aristotle authored philosophical texts that are the foundation of Western philosophySappho and Pindar were influential lyric poetsand Herodotus and Thucydides were early Greek historians.

As a more urban culture developed, academies provided a means of transmission for speculative and philosophical literature in early civilizations, resulting in the prevalence of literature in Ancient ChinaAncient IndiaPersia and Ancient Greece and Rome.

It can be considered a research tool because it allows psychologists to discover new psychological aspects and it also allows psychologists to promote their theories.

List of literary awards There are numerous awards recognizing achievement and contribution in literature. But as the 19th century went on, European fiction evolved towards realism and naturalismthe meticulous documentation of real life and social trends.

In the Age of Reason philosophical tracts and speculations on history and human nature integrated literature with social and political developments.

Canto I" [51] and expresses his opinions through his character Childe Harold.

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Other prose literature[ edit ] Philosophicalhistoricaljournalisticand scientific writings are traditionally ranked as literature.Tradegy in Greek Literature Analysis of Achilles' Personality Growth in Homer's The Iliad Oracles and Seers: A Hero's Inevitable Path to Revelation in Ancient Greek Literature The Discovery Of Ancient Greek Civilization Ideals Through Greek Literature The iliad and greek heroes Greek Literature The Role Of Greek And Roman Literature Dinner with.

The History Of Greek Goddess Athena. Print Reference this. Disclaimer: Athenians built a temple, Parthenon, on the Acropolis to honor the goddess, which became one of the greatest shrines in Greek history (Moulton 80).

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greek Essays | See the List of Sample Papers For Free - Bla Bla Writing. Interesting facts about history of Greek theatre. Achilles was known as a figure in ancient Greek literature namely, a heroic character of the Trojan War in Homer’s famous epic, Iliad.

The history of literature follows closely the development of civilization. who wrote Works and Days and Theogony, are some of the earliest, and most influential, of Ancient Greek literature. Classical Greek genres included philosophy, poetry, historiography.

- Greek classical literature is considered to be the canon of literary writing that pertains to the ancient history of Greece. Greek literature displays the classic lifestyle, culture and beliefs of the Greek race during the early portions of mainstream ancient and classical European history.

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