Difference between influences of celebrities influence of parents on children essay

Parents have the greatest responsibility of influencing their children for the better. People mimic what celebrities do. Because we Difference between influences of celebrities influence of parents on children essay with parents almost all the time, our habits and the way we live everyday come mainly from the influence of our parents.

Today we can easily influence each other in our society due to the advance in the media and sciences. Parental genes and nutrition influence the development of human body. The influence of celebrities, on the other hand, can range from influence on personal appearance to influence on how a person interacts with the community.

Just as how parents influence us, celebrities can also influence our choices of lifestyle. Due to their educational mentality, my parents seldom let me do any extracurricular activities. On the other side, celebrities can have positive impacts on people if they are good people and contribute to the community.

Influence of Parents By reComparison Contributor Difference between Influences of Celebrities and Influence of Parents Family is the primary institution in the lives of individuals, with mother being the first teacher. Among so many sources of influence, the influence of parents and the influence of celebrities are two of the most important ones.

If parents are able to build solid moral foundation and maintain a strong bond with their children, children will continue to consider their parents as role models all throughout their lives. Also, if parents smoke or drink, their children are more likely to choose to smoke or drink because they would regard smoking or drinking as a normalcy and because they have seen it every day.

They have never grasp the concept of being a teenager of the 21st century. They are aware of their impact on young fans and for good or bad their photographed experiences make an impact on young minds and opinions about which actions are acceptable or cool.

Measuring The Difference Between Influences of Celebrities and Influence of Parents

Their parenting has influenced me on becoming a more prominent person and has taught me to live life more efficiently. There is a long lasting relationship between parents and us, but there seems to be no direct relationship between celebrities and us.

Influences of Celebrities vs. Influence of Parents

My parents basically pushed me to perform well in school. Though there were times when it was hard having authoritative parents, I will use this experience as a guide of how I would prefer to raise my kids.

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My parents controlled every move helped me become more on task and to be on top of my schedule. My parents played a major role on how much influence they imposed on my life in regards to the bad aspect of it, the good aspect of it, and how both the good and the bad side contributed to make me the person that I am today.

For example, they would imitate the way celebrities dress and style their hair. The first contrast between the influence from parents and the influence from celebrities rests on the subject of physical distance.

Similarities and Differences While concluding the impact of parents and celebrities, the following claims can be made: More essays like this: Their mutual relationship in addition to the values they set with their children have a very good impact overall. Influence from parents naturally polishes the personalities of kids in broader strokes and never focuses on sharpening physical features exclusively.

For many people this states true especially Asian parents towards their Asian American kids. There were some restrictions that they imposed upon me that I would never do as a parent.

The Influence From Parents vs. The Influence From Celebrities Essay Sample

The qualities of these influences are independent of the person being influenced, but instead, they are contributed solely by parents or celebrities.

As long as the parents will be able to rekindle the old parent-child bond and lead the child to the right path, the effect of influence from celebrities will completely cease to exist.

In their point of view, education is the key to success and if I succeeded in school then I would also succeed in life. I felt so controlled, which caused me to miss out on the chance to experience and express myself as an individual without my parents hovering over me.

Level Of Influence The influence of parents and family can have a more lasting effect, but this will depend on how strong the bond is between parent and child. The influence from parents largely includes things that occur in daily life, or rather trivial things, while the influence from celebrities often involves dreams and goals that individuals want to achieve.

Celebrity Power Famous people are followed by many people around the world and followers are sometimes willing to follow them into anything that they are involved with.

Parents influence the life of an individual in multiple ways. The photographic exploitation they participate in is usually portrayed as relating to fashion, art, physical attractiveness and make ups that sets a very odd impression to the young minds.

Which one influences your choice in friends? A strong moral and ethical foundation should start during the early years.

If this is accomplished, a child will have a more stable personality and set of moral values that later on will help him decide which influences are good and which are bad.The first contrast between the influence from parents and the influence from celebrities rests on the subject of physical distance.

Parents are so close to us and are almost always around us, while celebrities are often the people we do not know in person. One of the major influences children have in their lives comes from their parents.

The parents of a child can have both a positive and a negative influence on their lives. In the novel "To Kill A Mockingbird", there are two excellent examples of how parents can be a major influence on their children.

Unlike the influence impacted by celebrities, those influences by parents are direct and first hand. Information and actions which are perceived by children are portrayed straight forwardly. When children mature to comprehend the existence of celebrities, they tend to emulate the, some even try to adore them.

Parents vs Celebrities Essay Thesis Statement: Parents and celebrities influence the child in many ways. Parents instill the basic principles of life like personal hygiene, behavior in public, approach The biggest influences in.

Some parents and celebrities work towards a common goal. They try to influence the children in a positive way by teaching them good morals and values. They also try to influence the children to make the right choices instead of the wrong one.

Free example essay on Parents Influence on Children: For some evident reason my parents assumed they could have total control over my life just because they brought me into this world.

For many people this states true especially Asian parents towards their Asian American kids.

Difference between influences of celebrities influence of parents on children essay
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