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A Professional Architect may act as a turnkey operator or package deal contractor, provided that in carrying out such activities he does not contravene this Code. Respect for truth and for the right of the public to truth is the first duty of the journalists.

DEFINITION In the context of this code, a company director means any person who holds the position of director in a corporation irrespective of any designation used, including anyone who follows the directives and advice of a corporate director and who usually takes action, as well as an in-turn or substitute director.

No code or policy can anticipate every situation that may arise, or replace the thoughtful behaviour of an ethical Director. He will use only fair methods to obtain news, photographs and documents. A Professional Architect shall not permit the insertion of any clause in tenders, bills of quantities or other contract documents which provides for payments to be made to him by the contractor whatever may be the consideration, unless it is in accordance with the guidelines or circulars issued by the Board and with the full knowledge of his client.

PURPOSE This Code is formulated to enhance the standard of corporate governance and corporate behaviour with the intention of achieving the following objectives: To establish a standard of ethical behaviour for Directors based on acceptable beliefs and values.

A Professional Architect may publish or consent to the publication of - illustrations, articles or any other media of presentation of any project for which he has been responsible, whether individually or in collaboration with others; or any subject for which he, either individually or in collaboration with others, had written in the form of an article, circular, brochure, book or any other media of presentation, provided that such illustration, article, circular, brochure, book or any other media of presentation of the project or subject is factual, relevant, not misleading or unfair to others.

Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct

A Professional Architect shall not endorse any material, component, services or product relating to the construction industry by the use of comparative statements. A Professional Architect shall only participate in architectural competitions conducted or approved by the Board and in accordance with the guidelines or circulars issued by the Board.

The services of a Professional Architect in employment shall be paid by salary and other benefits agreed with his employer and he shall be debarred from any other source of remuneration in connection with such services rendered.

In pursuance of this duty he will defend the twin principles: The business environment and laws will continue to become more complex and this has imposed a greater demand for reasonable competence amongst company directors.

To uphold the spirit of professionalism, objectivity, transparency, and accountability in line with the legislation, regulations and environmental and social responsibility guidelines governing a company. A Professional Architect may be permitted to insert any announcements or felicitations in the press that are in accordance with the guidelines or circulars issued by the Board.

This entry was posted in Code by MediaWise Admin. A Professional Architect may advertise his professional services by any public means, where such advertisement is in accordance with the guidelines or circulars issued by the Board.

Relationship with Shareholders, Employees, Creditors and Customers and other Stakeholders Should be conscious of the interest of shareholders, employees, creditors and customers of the Company; Should at all times promote professionalism and improve the competency of management and employees; and Should ensure adequate safety measures and provide proper protection to workers and employees at the workplace.

All letterheads shall list only the names of the sole proprietor, partners or directors of the sole proprietorship, partnership or body corporate, respectively, with their respective qualifications and designation.

He will regard as grave professional offences the following: A Professional Architect may participate in forum or be interviewed by the media in a manner not otherwise prohibited by this Code, where the object of such forum or interview is to promote interest in architecture, the profession or the built-environment.

A Professional Architect shall ensure that his employees are competent and adequately supervised to perform the task to the standard normally expected and accepted by the profession, and shall not by misrepresentation, fraud or deceit undermine the confidence of persons dealing with the Professional Architect or his employees Read more For all matters specified in subparagraphs 6 and 7the publication or any other permitted advertisement of such matters shall not contain any comparative or superlative description of the Professional Architect or his architectural consultancy practice.The Code provides a practical set of guiding principles designed to assist all employees make decisions in their day to day work and to conduct business honestly and with integrity.

It promotes: Compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Code of Ethics for Company Directors. Code of Ethics for Company Directors. A. INTRODUCTION Malaysia is increasingly dependent on the private sector for sustainable growth in commercial and business activities as well as for overall economic growth, especially with the positive economic developments and the privatisation of national operations.

 Code of Ethics Anonymous HCS/ April 7, Patricia Daugherty Code of Ethics Introduction The organization’s code of ethics serves as a guide to its employees when making difficult decisions.

The Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct (Code and Standards) are the ethical benchmark for investment professionals around the globe. This Code of Business Conduct specifies and helps the continued implementation of the Corporate Business Principles by establishing certain non-negotiable minimum standards of behaviour in key areas.

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The nature of this Code is not meant to cover all possible situations that may occur. It is designed to provide a frame of reference against. Code of Ethics for Company Directors Code of Ethics for Company Secretaries.

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Code of ethics in malaysia
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