Choosing the career paths of an architecture of fashion merchandising

What does a merchandiser do?

What Is Fashion Merchandising?

Predicting future fashion-related trends. You might think that merchandising is all about selling replica t-shirts outside Wembley Stadium after a Muse gig, or flogging black and white scarfs in the Newcastle United shop. Brands will need to work hard to differentiate and stand for something meaningful, emotional and important to consumers.

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Managing marketing and advertising initiatives that are centered around clothing. A solid fashion merchandising degree program explores branding from all these angles.

The coursework in business law was most helpful to Hearne, who said, "It alleviated a lot of fear. A career in merchandising offers an interesting mix of interaction with data and interaction with people.

What is Fashion Merchandising and How to Make it Your Career

The activities of people who work in merchandising and allocation are hugely important in making a retail company thrive. Others work directly for designers and fashion labels placing products in stores, finding shelf space, and managing marketing and promotions.

However, their roles tend to require a mixture of artistic, strategic and practical skills. Compensation analysis site Payscale. You could be meeting with designers to discuss upcoming collections one day, then visiting a textile supplier for a quality check the next day. The report from the Joint Economic Committee noted that the apparel manufacturing sector employs nearly ,00 people across the country, in various roles.

Retail: Merchandising & Allocation

Some people even specialise purely in window display design. Take our Career Test Go Jobs. Either is perfectly fine, of course! In addition to exploring the full meaning behind, "What is Fashion Merchandising? Here are some commonly held job titles for graduates from fashion merchandising colleges and programs: Careers in merchandising and allocation are all about making sure that the right products are sold in the right quantity, in the right place, at the right time.

They will monitor sales and stock levels, forecast buying trends and then make sure that the required amount of products are on the shelves to meet customer demand.

Hearne said SNHU gave her the confidence she needed to launch her brand and get noticed. What appears to be art has a lot of science behind it. For instance, they might be conducting research into lifestyle trends and regional habits, producing sketches of shop floor plans and physically dismantling displays in the same week.

These promotional decisions may be designed to make a bestselling product stay as a bestseller, or they may help to sell products that are struggling to fly off the shelves. Careers in this area of retail can vary dramatically depending on who you work for. Visual merchandising managers will understandably take the strategic and managerial lead for visual merchandising projects, leading the creative process and using their expertise to maximise the space and functionality of stores.

With an AS or BS degree in hand, you can expect to qualify for most management-level jobs in the retail industry. Who employs visual merchandisers, display or store designers?

Merchandising Manager - Merchandising managers generally oversee all the retail functions for clothing or shoe departments within a store. Buying fashions for resale or department stores.

They drive the business of fashion, which is a critical driver of the U. Developing campaigns to promote new products, collections and sales. However, with great responsibility comes great reward, as merchandisers can earn a handsome wage if they stick with it and get promoted into senior positions.

It can be a really exciting job where you will be actively carrying out the work to set up new displays.Working in the fashion merchandising industry isn’t just playing with clothes all day.

Possessing a particularly creative mind is highly beneficial; but in order to function in fashion merchandising, you may need to explore a number of different subjects that are applicable to the business side of. What is fashion merchandising's role in establishing brand differentiators? A bachelor's degree is another smart way to launch your fashion merchandising career and is a necessary asset when applying for certain jobs.

Those with fashion merchandising degrees are well-positioned to pursue any number of paths - as buyers, visual. Fashion merchandising involves wearing many hats within the fashion industry, sometimes juggling them and sometimes focusing on one area exclusively.

The most important functions include product development and production, promoting the merchandise, and buying materials from suppliers. Design isn't the only career path in the fashion world.

Retail: Visual Merchandising, Display & Store Design

You often hear of the design aspect of the field and see the fashion shows that are hosted by producers and designers, but many neglect the fact that there is a fashion merchandising field that has many sophisticated and exciting career paths as well.

Fashion merchandising jobs require a blend of fashion sense and business expertise. Staying ahead of the fashion curve is a feat involving both art and science. Strategy and marketing know-how are an integral part of fashion merchandising. Find your perfect design & visual merchandising career path through Drexel's co-op program.

Through over six months of real work experience, students try their hand at a variety of jobs in the fashion marketing and buying industries.

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Choosing the career paths of an architecture of fashion merchandising
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