Childhood abuse corporal punishment essay

Ministry of Social Development. The majority of reported cases of child abuse stemmed from the assumption that parents who believed that spanking and slapping was a means of physical discipline was actually borderline abuse. The majority of incidents of child abuse began not with a desire to injure the child, but as attempts at discipline.

Thus, it is necessary that parents, teachers, and Childhood abuse corporal punishment essay other authoritative figures associated with the upbringing of a child are informed of the harmful effects of physical punishment and the alternative forms of discipline that exist.

On the other hand, physical abuse is an extreme Childhood abuse corporal punishment essay of corporal punishment that is typically intended to leave scars. This leads to an uneven system whereby the severity of the punishment largely revolves around luck. Assessing the Problem First of all, it is important to note the difference between physical discipline and child abuse.

As a result of investigations in only the reports that seemed extreme enough, approximatelychildren were found to have been victims of abuse or neglect, which is an average of more than 2, children per day Iannelli.

In the past corporal punishment included flogging, whipping, branding and facial or bodily mutilation of all types. Corporal punishment takes many form, including spanking, shaking, choking. This paper will discuss the distinction between physical punishment and child abuse.

Punishment does nit have to be physical; it can be social, emotional or mental. When this happens, the parent should try simple stress-relieving techniques, such as breathing deeply or counting backwards from ten to zero. The infliction of corporal punishment on a person who regards violence as a means of achieving his ends is not likely to have any correct action; on the contrary, past experience has shown that it will lead to a deeper feeling of hatred towards authority and society.

There are also studies showing corporal punishment has no effect on bad behavior. Children feel humiliated and degraded; they become angry and resentful towards those who punish them.

Most parents who administer physical force to their children do not intend to harm them. When used justly and without anger the giver is not brutalised. With a rising crime rate many are favouring the reinstitution of physical punishment for very wicked crimes.

The mother had less patience and less mature personalities than other parents. Teachers do differ in how hard they hit a student. A lack of corporal punishment leaves teachers powerless to prevent bad behavior. In modern schools there are many opportunities for physical exercise and its nonsense to imply that depriving a boy of this is physically harmful.

Scarred for Life: Identifying the Line Between Corporal Punishment and Child Abuse

What may be an adult giving constructive criticism to an abused victim could be construed as a personal attack from the adult.

Corporal punishment is an excuse for laziness in teachers. It can lead directly to lifelong mental problems. The paper will then address common arguments for the benefits of physical punishment. If the nation continues at this rate, the death toll will continue to rise steadily without any sign of ceasing.

In order to get the intended message through to the child, parents will eventually have to punish a child longer and harder Dean. It is agreed that children do commit mistakes, sometimes mistakes that even lead to severe consequences; nevertheless corporal punishment is not the best method to correct them.

The other is the removal of a reward or positive reinforcer" Skinner, Advocates of corporal punishment also argue that it physical discipline is a traditional method of parenting that is commonly accepted as a social norm in many cultures.

Child Abuse - Corporal Punishment

An Updated Literature Review. Thus, it does not matter what the initial intention of the parent is. The line between physical punishment and child abuse is so thin that the parent can easily ignore it during times of desperation.

I believe corporal punishment is a flawed system and there are superior alternatives to discipline, such as expulsion and community service. It is always impossible to make the punishment fit the crime, with corporal punishment the amount can be adjusted to suit the offender.Corporal Punishment Essay Examples.

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An Analysis of the Whip and Lion Tamer: Duddy Kravitz. words. An Analysis of Discipline and Corporal Punishment of Children in School.

words. An Overview of the Statistics on Physical Child Abuse in the United States.

Argumentative Essay: Should Corporal Punishment Have a Place in Education?

words. 1 page. Child abuse is the mistreatment or maltreatment of a child whether it is mental, physical, emotional, sexual, verbal, or psychological abuse.

Child abuse is a traumatic experience. Child abuse is often synonymous with the term child maltreatment or the term of child abuse and neglect. Ethics of Corporal Punishment and Children Nadine Robinson PHI – Mind and Machine Instructor Lisa Linkin July 4, In this essay I am going to clarify the meaning of corporal punishment, identify with the ethics of corporal punishment and children, spanking vs.

time out, infliction of pain without injury, and discuss the moral. Child Abuse - Corporal Punishment The Effect of Corporal Punishment on the Development of the Child Spanking has fallen into disfavor as a. In many states, corporal punishment becomes child abuse when the child is harmed.

Minnesota statute defines physical abuse as “any non-accidental physical injury, mental injury, or threatened injury inflicted by a person responsible for a child’s care.

Thus. From these reasons. is the unjustified and unreasoned beating of children” (Benatar. and Philip Cowan. if after multiple reprimands. corporal punishment.

“Corporal punishment is designed to punish specific acts of significant misbehavior and delinquency. this trauma can only happen if the act of punishment becomes child abuse.


Childhood abuse corporal punishment essay
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