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The famous Codex Claromontanus not to be confused with the even more famous, or infamous, Codex Bezae, also designated D -- so-called because Beza reported that it had been found at Clermont. Chi ti t c ch l RAG Nyasaye ya yanza avomkivala ndi, ya va ha Mwana wewe muderwa, ku vosi u mu suuvira a ta diva mba, navutswa a ve nelivamwoyo li ta hera mba.

As it happened, many of the monarchs who began to claim ruler over all of India did usually use titles that were translations or importations of foreign words. Rendel Harris published a photographic reproduction in Hiligaynon HIL Kay ginhigugma gid sang Dios ang kalibutan sa bagay nga ginhatag niya ang iya bugtong nga Anak, agud nga Chi ti t c ch l bisan sin-o nga magtoo sa iya indi mawala kondi may kabuhi nga walay katapusan.

Classical Indian literature displays little interest in history proper, which must be reconstructed from coins, monumental inscriptions, and foreign references.

In the Apocalypse, C is linked with A in what is usually called the Alexandrian text. This fact has also led to some rather absurd speculation -- notably that F is a copy of G.

Maori MBF Koia ano te aroha o te Atua ki te ao, homai ana e ia tana Tama kotahi, kia kahore ai e ngaro te tangata e whakapono ana ki a ia, engari kia whiwhi ai ki te ora tonu. The conjunction of the heavy, turbid [qi] was strained and difficult.

For more information about the correctors of C, see the article on Correctors. Contains the Pauline Epistles with the slightest of lacunae: Turkana TUV Kona kolong aminar Akuj ngitunga a ngakwapin tolemik ngesi Lokookeng lo edounitoe erai epei bon, sodi ani itwaan ni enupi ngakiro keng, nyebukor, nakaneni toriam akiyar na nyedaun.

Naga Rongmei NBU Kalumthu Ragwangh ruai mbanta heidi kum njianlou the, tumeithu, Kamei ruai Ka Nah Mpouh kalu akhut nameita tilou the, mitei ruai thou punih Ka khou lummei ruai mman muknga ring suangmei latou khung nge.

Chin Haka CNH Pathian nih vawlei hi a dawt hringhran caah a Fapa ngeihchunte kha a pek, cucaah amah a zum mi paoh cu an thi lai lo, zungzal nunnak an ngei lai. In addition, trade and cultural exchanges between India and China transferred Buddhist theory and practices, Tantra, YogaDao-yin, medicinal herbs, medical techniques, and martial arts training techniques between these civilizations.

Rather, the Latin of F known as f is a modified Vulgate. But none of these witnesses are complete, and none are as extreme as Bezae. They argue that the eight movement set is a Shaolin Buddhist martial arts warm up and stretching exercise set. There is no sign of this in F; the simplest explanation though by no means sure!

The cold qi of yin in accumulating produces water. Chin Tedim CTD Pasian in a Tapa khat bek a piak dongin leitung mite a it hi; Tua Tapa a um mi khempeuhte in kisia lo-a nuntak tawntungna a ngah nading ahi hi. Georgian GEO Vinaidan ise sheiqvara Hhmerwma xuwisofeli, rom misca wavisi mholodshobili dhe, rawa qoveli misi morxmune ar daihhupos, aramed ykhondes saukuno sicochle.

The similarity is further confirmed by their texts. Etymology[ edit ] The term lingchi first appeared in a line in Chapter 28 of the classical philosophical text Xunzi.


Hmar HMR Pathienin khawvel a hmangai emem a, chuleichun a Naupa neisun chu a pek a, ama chu tukhawm a ring taphawt chu an bohmang nawh a, chatuona hringna an nei lemna dingin.

When he reaches his prime, his xue—qi is not easily subdued, so he guards himself against combativeness. The dao begins in the Void Brightening.

Traditionally this type has been called "Western," and there is no particular reason to change this name. Romanian RUM Fiindca atit de mult a iubit Dumnezeu lumea, ca a dat pe singurul Lui Fiu, pentruca oricine crede in El, sa nu piara, ci sa aiba viata vecinica.

It also has a number of interesting long readings, the most famous being Acts 8: One can also see some movements and postures in the Five Animal Frolics that are comparable to the Eight Treasures.

In this context, it is worth noting that the Latin is in the left-hand column, usually regarded as the place of honour. We might note that we are fortunate to have even this much of the New Testament; we have significantly more than half of the NT, but much less than half of the Old Testament.

Successive rather minor cuts chopped off ears, nose, tongue, fingers, toes and genitals before proceeding to cuts that removed large portions of flesh from more sizable parts, e. Thus, the prophecy was that Siddhartha Gautama might have become the Buddha or a Cakravartin, a world ruler.

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Traditional Chinese medicine and Acupuncture A qi field chu-chong refers to the cultivation of an energy field by a group, typically for healing or other benevolent purposes. Spanish SPN Porque de tal manera amo Dios al mundo, que ha dado a su Hijo unigenito, para que todo aquel que en el cree, no se pierda, mas tenga vida eterna.

The great question is, to what extent, and what did the respective Greek and Latin texts look like before this work was done? Several of these minuscules e. In addition, to be cut to pieces meant that the body of the victim would not be "whole" in spiritual life after death.

Hawaiian HWI No ka mea, ua aloha nui mai ke Akua i ko do ao nei, nolaila, ua haawi mai oia i kana Keiki hiwahiwa i ole e make ka mea manaoio ia ia, aka e loaa ia ke ola mau loa.

Nembe IJO Ayeba mi-bara eke segboru mi tari eresine, anine o emene kpokpo gbori Yai bei eke pre, anire tubo tubo tene o gho meremu bo bo, la fa mokufa, nte befie befie numo nyana nyo.

Slovene SLV Kajti tako je Bog ljubil svet, da je dal Sina svojega edinorojenega, da se ne pogubi, kdorkoli veruje vanj, temvec da ima vecno zivljenje. Codex Boernerianus, so-called because it was formerly owned by C.Manuscript B (03) Location/Catalog Number.

Vatican Library, Greek The manuscript has been there for its entire known history; hence the title "Codex Vaticanus.". C ng tr nh nghi n c?u c c b??c chuy?n bi?n m NGN???t???c, x c??nh nh?ng xu th? ch nh v gi?i thi?u kh chi ti?t v? t? ch?c ph t tri?n NGN tr n th? gi?i.

NGN ng y c ng gi nh???c s? quan t m, ch v????c coi l qu?c s ch t?i nhi?u qu?c gia. Trong b?i c?nh?, H?i ngh?

th??ng??nh to n c?u v? m?ng th? h? ti?p theo (Global NGN Summit.

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