Calvin college worship symposium

And I hope they will draw insight in how the Psalms may enhance corporate worship.

Christian Reformed Church

The Church is not an institution or an organism, it is a liturgical assembly. There are many resources available to help. This could include someone sharing about why a favorite song or hymn is meaningful to that person, followed by the congregation singing it.

It is always a rich time of worship, instruction in plenary sessions and dozens of special-interest workshopsinspiration and networking. I am very excited, having heard of Hong Kong all my life but never having visited before.

The Church is most clearly self-identified as the Church when it is gathered for worship. I so appreciate Calvin college worship symposium fact that CICW has over the years established contacts all over the world.

Three other CICW staff will be traveling to Hong Kong for the event, including Neal Plantinga, a worship institute fellow and president emeritus of Calvin seminary; Paul Ryan, a Calvin associate chaplain and a resource development specialist for the worship institute; and David Rylaarsdam, a professor at Calvin seminary.

Here are some miscellaneous thoughts and ideas I am taking with me as I return home from Grand Rapids. This year was no exception. They serve not only as an ending to every e-mail she sends but as a description of Lau and the work she feels called to do in Hong Kong.

Find more ways to use and engage children and youth in the worship service. Make a video recording to share with the congregation of some of the prayer groups that meet regularly at the church and elsewhere.

Ron Rienstra, drawing on the writings of von Allmen Video and audio recordings of many of the sessions will be available in a few weeks at https: Label, identify or explain the functions that different elements of the service play in the whole fabric of the service.

Distinctive flavors But the Hong Kong event will also have its own distinctive flavors, Brink said, including the food, the music and the speakers.

Work in times of silence occasionally. I want attendees to appreciate the Psalms anew and to revel in their beauty. Plantinga will deliver plenaries on proclamation in the Psalms and on praying for shalom in the Psalms, topics he hoped would be particularly pertinent in an international setting: Remind the congregation of their exalted status as a Royal Priesthood!

Cultivate and communicate a sense of awe at the privilege hearing God speak to us through His Word, and of praying and singing to the Lord of the universe. Make clear that in worship we are joining in with the always continuing activity of heaven, as well as entering into a historical continuum that connects us with the church of the past and the future, as well the church worldwide of the present.

Brink will deliver one workshop on the Psalms and a second that will look at songs from Western cultures that are adopted in Asia and around the world and songs to consider adopting from around the world.

New program equips Calvin students for leadership in the church

Consider displaying seasonal art by the children in the sanctuary. This is pretty amazing to me. Find more creative ways for the Scripture to be presented in worship.

Lau is eager to rendezvous with the Calvin contingent. Do it like it means something!! That experience in working together is what gave us full trust to ask her to be our CICW representative on the Hong Kong committee, and we have not been disappointed.

Use the Psalms more in corporate worship sung, read, prayed ; spread an entire Psalm throughout the service.Watch Calvin College's Worship Symposium on Jan 28,  · The annual Calvin Symposium on Worship, sponsored by the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship, is held at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan, at the end of January every year.

Worship Symposium in Hong Kong

It is always a rich time of worship, instruction (in plenary sessions and dozens of special-interest workshops), inspiration and networking.

Symposium on Worship January 24–26, • Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA The annual Calvin Symposium on Worship is a three-day conference sponsored by the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship and the Center for Excellence in Preaching. It is modeled on the annual Symposium on Worship, hosted at Calvin each January for the past 26 years, on the Hong Kong symposium—the first, organized by CICW staffer Anne Zaki—and on worship institute events co-sponsored in recent years in El Salvador, Romania, Indonesia, Japan and Mexico.

This conversation with program affiliate Kevin Adams gives you a taste of the Thursday seminar he will moderate in January at the Calvin College Symposium on Worship, cosponsored with our partner Center for Excellence in Preaching at Calvin Theological Seminary.

The annual Worship Symposium united worshipers and worship leaders from across the globe for a time of seeking, fellowship, worship and learning at Calvin’s campus from January 26 to The conference, sponsored by the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship and Center for Excellence in Preaching, focused on texts from Revelation and celebrated God’s sovereignty.

Calvin college worship symposium
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