Build laiban dam

The dam would require the flooding of 28,ha, on which around 4, families live [1;4]. All these impacts would follow the dam construction as so-called solution to a water crisis, which is however largely caused by growing corporate water demand of Metro Manila, rather than household demand [6].

Its construction would thus displace and dispossess around 21, people from seven villages in Rizal province and Northern Quezon [4;5].

As stated by another young Dumagat: However, the project became soon controversial due to its impacts on the Sierra Madre primary forest ecosystems and indigenous communities, who opposed the project since the beginning. There has been continuous resistance against the dam project for over more than 30 Build laiban dam, and which nowadays it still goes on.

New Centennial Water Source-Kaliwa Dam Project

If you remove the forest, then you remove our life. The indigenous, resisting the project since the s, face constant harassment by the military, telling them to stop protesting [3]. Thanks to the many different mobilizations, ranging from protests marches, over pickets and blockades to national forums on the issue and large civil society organization CSO networks that provided an alternative view on the project, the Laiban dam was several times stopped or deferred [3].

In the years to come, the Laiban dam was several times approved, deferred, canceled and reapproved for a detailed chronological overview see [1]. In addition to the social impacts of repression, dispossession, displacement and loss of indigenous culture, there are tremendous environmental impacts, such as the deforestation of the unique Sierra Madre primary forests and associated destruction of biodiversity hotspots, potential increases in water-borne diseases such as Malaria, and large disturbances in the river ecosystems, home to important fish sanctuaries.

The Laiban dam would be located on ancestral lands of indigenous Dumagat and Remontado. Moreover, from a political and economic perspective, the project contributes to growing national debt, while fomenting exclusion of poor water users through commodification of water and increasing privatization of water as common resources.

Laiban Dam

In the words of the young Dumagat secretary of the indigenous organization Balatik: It is now already the second generation that actively opposes the project.The latest Tweets from Building The Dam (@BuildingTheDam).

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Corvallis, OR. The New Centennial Water Source-Kaliwa Dam Project (still referred to with its original acronym, NCWSP) is a proposed water project of the Philippine Government whose main component is the construction of the Kaliwa Low Dam in Tanay, Rizal, as well as a water supply tunnel, and the attendant infrastructure for these structures.

Laiban dam is a proposed bulk water supply project of the Philippine Government slated for construction at Barangay Laiban in Tanay, Rizal, on the upper portion of the Kaliwa River Watershed. It is intended to relieve Metro Manila of its overdependence on the water supplied by Angat Dam.

Due to. Since more than 30 years, thousands of indigenous, threatened to be displaced from their ancestral lands, are resisting the Laiban dam project, planned to solve a corporate water crisis created by urban Metro Manila. THE Metropolitan Waterworks and Sewerage System (MWSS) could be exposing itself and the government to undue financial risks under a negotiated deal with San Miguel Corporation to build the Pbillion Laiban dam.

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Build laiban dam
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