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There are also bonuses for safety, and fuel conservation Gilliland Scharnberg 67 When all of this comes into play it is obvious why most carriers want their drivers to be at least 21, maybe 23 or 25 years of age Marston A Percentage Compensation Driver gets a percentage of what is made on the load of the truck.

The load in the truck is usually top heavy and liquid often moves around. There are also temperature controls, and oil and fuel coolant levels that need to be maintained.

As the economy grows there will be more of a demand for the truck driver, and his ability to take goods all over the country. One can go about this two ways. Another disadvantage is that if someone is driving around with an empty trailer they are not getting any money for it, and in a sense are doing it for free Scharnberg There is no joining the town baseball league, and a truck driver may even miss some birthdays.

An advantage to this is that most truck schools have deals with carriers. The driver is responsible for personal insurance, fuel, hired labor, road expenses, and maintenance. The most common type of truck driving is freight hauling, or commodity freight hauling.

These drivers have popular jobs during the summer since most parents like to move while there children are out of school. That means that the driver is responsible for what goes on the truck and what comes off it. This tarp can weigh up to pounds. Opportunities in Trucking Careers.

Because of the road conditions the truck driven is much smaller then one of the big rigs Scharnberg These drivers usually work in the bigger cities of the world. They also have to get their own customers and usually must have a full truck Ouellet The driver has to be able to engage a pump system, measure tank volume, and be able to drain and clean a tank.

They should also talk with students who graduated, and did not graduate, to find out what the school was like Ouellet Often the driver is not given many bonuses.

The importance of truck drivers to the people of the world. This deals with transporting perishables, which are almost always foods. The drivers in this industry have to pack their trailers to the limit since a half empty trailer is only worth that much Marston The demand for the truck driver will grow a little more than the average job position.

A totally different type of truck driver is the local delivery driver. The driver is usually given their bonuses in vacation days instead of with money, although some companies will choose to give money.

Many drivers can be seen at sites crawling all over the flatbed attaching and taking off the tarp. Pedal to the Metal: There he would learn how to drive, take care of the truck, write reports, and handle cargo.

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Another image people often have of a truck driver is that they are not extremely intelligent. A great deal of time and energy is spent doing this Scharnberg A driver must give a detailed report about the trip, condition of the truck, and any accidents it was in Ouellet The person taking the exam is asked questions dealing with laws and rules concerning truck driving.

There are other types of drivers besides regular drivers that work for a carrier. This is another false seed that has been planted.

Most of the carriers in the trucking industry want educated, experienced drivers for several reasons.Mar 25,  · Check out our top Free Essays on Business Recommendations For Big Drive Auto to help you write your own Essay.

Big Drive Auto Big Drive Auto There is evidence that suggests the economic futures can be forecasted by the automotive industry, and as a result this paper will discuss the economic projections of Big Drive Auto, a multistate, multi-manufacture of cars and trucks.

Milestone 2: Business Recommendations Based on Economic Projections Big Drive Auto is a multistate car dealer of several manufacturers’ cars and trucks. Big Drive Auto is also in the business of selling the vehicles, associated services, parts for repair, and conducts a significant business in motor oil, coolant, and replacement tires.

recommendations to sustain its competitive advantage. Europe, and Asia. Current brands include Toyota, Lexus, Daihatsu and Hino. Toyota Motor Corporation is the leading auto manufacturer and the eighth largest company in the world. As of March 31,Toyota Motor Corporation’s annual reluctant to shift their focus from big to small.

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Mile Stone 1: Business Recommendations Based on Economic Projection Purpose The purpose of this paper is to review the data for Big Drive Auto (BDA) and provide pricing strategy recommendations, recommendations for non-price barriers to entry, and ideas for product differentiation for the organization.

Big drive auto business recommendations essay
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