A debate on whether criminals should

As in the drama bishops candlesticks the convict steals to save his wife from suffering which he never wanted to do.

Should drug addicts be jailed or rehabilitated?

If a criminal commits a crime because they were forced to for financial reasons, under pressure from a gang, for revenge, because of a psychological condition etc.

But now-a-days, the government has started many rehabilitation programs to help criminals to convert them into good human beings.

One way of preventing re-offenses is to ensure that prisoners do not feel segregated from the rest of the country. If individuals are not addicted, why are they using unlawful drugs? You might also like: According to legal logic, anybody who uses or is in possession of illegal things, be they drugs, guns or counterfeit money, is deemed a law offender.

As for the punishment, every drug addict or drug abuser can be imprisoned and can attend rehabilitation. Unfortunately, preventing prisoners from voting is doing just that.

No man is born great and no man is a criminal. If the British government wants to see the figures for re-offending diminished, then the country as a whole should not treat prisoners like sub-class citizens or animals, but instead treat them as citizens who deserve to serve their punishment, but still have a vital role in shaping society.

Not so long ago HIV was also regarded a social disease. If the criminals are not punished then people will not differentiated between criminals and non-criminal activities. There is no implementing regulation on how rehabilitation facilities should be managed and controlled.

It will cause less re-offenders. They want to get wok but there is no employment for them because of shortage of wealth. When jail — authorities see improvement in criminals, they release them even before completion of their period of imprisonment.

As victims they deserve empathy, treatment and assistance to get rid of their addiction through rehabilitation.

punishment should fit the criminal

Prevention, treatment, rehabilitation, reintegration and health have to be recognized as key elements in our strategy. I also do not mean that I think the criminal should pay with their own phsyical health, life, time etc.

Everyday we hear the news that someone was robbed or murdered. The pleasure they feel is self-destructive, so enhancing that pleasure furthers the cause of their destruction.

Otherwise they will be classified as a drug addict. After all, they have lost their right to freedom due to committing a crime which has in some way disadvantaged the society, thus they should have no say in the shaping of the society.

This undoubtedly will lead to the feeling of isolation and, in due course, re-offending. The courts should release the convicts of minor offences by giving them the benefit of probation.

The criminal should be punished only in so far as it is necessary to compensate everyone who has been deprived of something because of the crime. Sometimes shops are looted or sometimes houses are looted. What exactly is the justice system supposed to do about the situation even if they do know?

Here starts the idea of treating drug addicts as victims. The views expressed are his own. They will enjoy having their hands cut off, or being beaten or derided and so on.

Prisoners Should Be Allowed To Vote. No Question.

The onus should not be on punishing the criminal. Should he go to jail, to a drug rehabilitation facility, or both?Essays & Papers A Debate on Whether Criminals Should Be Punished or Not - Paper Example A Debate on Whether Criminals Should Be Punished or Not Criminals deserve to be punished - A Debate on Whether Criminals Should Be Punished or Not introduction.

Criminals should lose all rights irrevocably for their transgressions on the rights of others. Unless, y'know, they didn't actually transgress on anyone else's rights, in which case they shouldn't be criminals.

Normally punishments fit the crime more than the criminal. Countries have big long lists of minimum and maximum sentances for particular crimes.

Within this there is a little leaway dependent upon the state of mind of the criminal, repeat offences and. The debate on whether criminals should be punished or rehabilitated has been discussed for many years now.

I believe the real answer does not lie in whether the government disciplines them harshly or treats them as “sick” people who just need to be cured with care just like one is cured from a common cold. Mar 20,  · The debate on whether drug users should be treated as criminals or victims has recently reemerged, especially after a TV celebrity was found unconscious in his car due to drug intoxication.

Self Defense is absolutely necessary to the well being of others. One, there is one less criminal in the world to harm some one or you, two, criminals are often violent, even if they are not trying to be.

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A debate on whether criminals should
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